Smart. Eco. Change Experience three unique features of e-FIBIRD plug-in electric bus.

Smart.Reliable technology and affordable, comfortable
and smart electric bus
Eco.Environmental-friendly bus goes through a city
Change.Improve bus standards and make your life safer and more comfortable

  • 아이콘 Max output 250kW
  • 아이콘 Battery 163kWh
  • 아이콘 Mileage on a single charge 178.2Km
  • 아이콘 Torque 99kg·m
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Good move for people

We provide safe and healthy bus rides for all our passengers.
Edison Motors electric buses make your life more exciting.

Monitoring System

- 7.0inch LCD screen
- Vehicle condition information
- Real-time availability of a drive
- A middle door area is displayed when passengers get off
- A rear area of a bus is displayed when parking in reverse

  • 기어 선택 스위치
  • 오디오/방송장치
  • 디지털 타코 그라프
  • 수납함

Green Comfort

Experience a large capacity air conditioning system and a pleasant cabin environment which optimized wheel house design is applied


Green-Tech for Tomorrow

Zero-emission plug-in electric bus system using a high-voltage battery-powered drive motor

  • 이미지 BATTERY 163kWh
  • 이미지 BMS
  • 이미지 BJB
  • 이미지 Motor

Every Mile, Every smile

With a mileage of up to 190km on a single charge,
it helps enjoy smart driving.
A battery is fully charged in 45 minutes by using two charging ports

Fine Advance, FIBIRD

In order to improve maintainability and secure the highest safety functions,
3-piece front panels, side inspection door, rear view camera,
ABS and electronic control system are adopted.

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  • 이미지
  • 이미지
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Seating Capacity(person) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Overhang(Front/Rear)
24 + 20 = 44 11,030 2,495 3,310 2,440 / 3,210
Wheel Base (mm) Wheel Track( Front/Rear) Axle Type Power Torque (kg.m)
5,400 2,115/1,855 AVE130 250kW/2,538rpm 99
Rated voltage/capacity (EV) Suspension System Tire Single Charge Mileage
613.2V / 265Ah Wide Air Suspension 275/70R22.5-16PR 178.2km

* 1회 충전주행거리는 정속주행 조건(72.96Km속도주행/에어컨 OFF 상태)로 측정된 수치입니다.
* 주행 가능거리는 자동차 구성, 배터리 사용시간과 상태, 운전 스타일 및 조작이나 환경, 기후 조건에 따라 다를 수 있습니다.
* 제원 및 사양은 제품의 성능향상을 위하여 예고없이 변경될 수 있습니다.
* 본 화면에 등록된 제품 색상은 임의로 디자인된 것이므로 실제 색상과 다소 차이가 있을 수 있으며, 차종에 따라 미적용 될 수 있습니다.