Experience the new feelings of
Battery swapping electric bus!

A large capacity battery fitted on a roof of electric bus can safely and promptly be swapped through
a robotic system installed in battery swapping station.

  • 아이콘 Max Power 220kW
  • 아이콘 Battery 626.6V
    51kWh x 2EA
  • 아이콘 Mileage on a Single Charge 76Km
  • 아이콘 Max Torque 115kg·m
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More spacious,
more comfortable long distance driving

Compared with an internal combustion engine, high power ensures excellent driving performance.
Battery swapping control system helps swap batteries easily.

BTM (Bus Telecommunication Module)

- Execute swapping operation and display exchanging status
- Connection of communication between a bus and QCM station
- Display of bus condition status (operability and functionality of main electric products)
- Real-time video shows middle and rear door area

  • TYPE 01
  • TYPE 02
  • Regenerative section is indicated while regenerative braking
    and ECO section is indicated while driving
  • Battery Charging indicator lamp

Discover comfort in your whole body

High body stiffness is secured to withstand the weight of the large capacity battery.


Green promise
for people and the environment

As an automatic replacement method for unmanned batteries, a battery that is mounted
on the top of the battery is swapped before the battery is discharged,
which shortens the battery charging time and reduces the power loss.

  • No waiting time
    while charging
  • No need
    to set up charging facility

  • No limit
    of running distance

Think for the environment
and performance

Through the constant research and development of R&D center of Vehicle,
Eco-friendly cars only use parts with the highest performance and durability,
making the journey safer and longer.

  • 이미지 Battery Pack TYPE 01
    51kWh x 2EA | 626.6V
  • 이미지 Battery Pack TYPE 02
    50kWh x 2EA | 630V
  • 이미지 Battery with optimized interface device
    Battery Management System
  • 이미지 High Voltage Distribution Device
    Power Distribution Unit

More spacious maintenance space gives
you more satisfaction

In order to improve the maintainability of the vehicle,
the 3-piece structure front window glass and the side inspection door,
the driver and passenger are considered to have safely configured the reversing image, ABS,
and electronically controlled side stern systems as the highest safety functions.

  • 이미지
  • 이미지


Seating Capacity (person) Length (mm) width (mm) Height (mm) Overhang(Front/Rear)
24 + 20 = 44 11,050 2,495 3,480 2,440/3,210
Wheel Base (mm) Wheel Track(Front/Rear) Axle Type Power Torque (kg.m)
5,400 2,115/1,950 1PV5135 220kW/4,000rpm 115
Rated voltage/capacity (EV) Suspension System Tire Single charge mileage
626.6V / 164Ah(TYPE1) 630V / 160Ah(TYPE2) Wide Air Suspension 275/70R22.5-16PR 76km

* 1회 충전주행거리는 정속주행 조건(72.96Km속도주행/에어컨 OFF 상태)로 측정된 수치입니다.
* 주행 가능거리는 자동차 구성, 배터리 사용시간과 상태, 운전 스타일 및 조작이나 환경, 기후 조건에 따라 다를 수 있습니다.
* 제원 및 사양은 제품의 성능향상을 위하여 예고없이 변경될 수 있습니다.
* 본 화면에 등록된 제품 색상은 임의로 디자인된 것이므로 실제 색상과 다소 차이가 있을 수 있으며, 차종에 따라 미적용 될 수 있습니다.