MultI-material Parts Business

Compound materials are flame resistant, smoke and gas emissions are low, and are highly durable, impact resistant, bending stiffness, and beautiful appearance It has many advantages
The composite materials manufactured by Edison Motors are composed of glass fiber and carbon fiber.
Using a prepreg soaked resin, mold it at a temperature of 135 ℃ or higher.
Edison Motors ' composite materials are lightweight, durable and widely used in public transportation.
Lightweight technologies are increasingly being used in automobiles, buses, and aircraft due to reduced operating costs for vehicles and facilities.
In addition, multi-material designs can be made with complex geometries.

General characteristics of composite materials
  • High Strength
  • Light Weight : Aluminum - 2.7 / Composite - 1.5 / Steel - 7.86
  • High Stiffness : Composites are stiffer than titaninum
  • Fatigue Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability : Zero coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
  • Design Flexbility : Easily design complex shapes in three dimensions
  • Aeroplasty : Space Aeronautical
  • Application : All industry applications (public transportation, space, defense, energy, environment, etc.)
  • FIBIRD Composite Body 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지
  • Battery Composite Case 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지
  • Rear Suspension Trailling Arm 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지
  • Composite Body Hammer Test 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지
  • Composite Panel Fire Test 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지
Impact test compared with steel panel (180Km/h, 1kg)
  • 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지 Composite Panel
  • 주요 연구/시험 설비 이미지 Steel Panel